Princess Diana reportedly left Prince William and Prince Harry to the royal family: here’s why

Princess Diana reportedly left Prince William and Prince Harry to the royal family: here’s why

Video Games Princess Diana Reportedly Left Prince William And Prince Harry To The Royal Family: Here’s Why

The portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown Season 5 is controversial. Many royal experts question the portrayal of King Charles III’s former wife. in the series in question. Her former butler Paul Burrell explains the reason behind her decision to leave her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to the royal family.

Burrell spoke to GB News presenter Dan Wootton, who called The Crown season 5’s portrayal of Princess Diana’s relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry as wicked and negative. Burrell then emphasized that there was no truth to this interpretation.

The former royal servant claimed the two boys were the most important people in the late People princess‘ life. After working for her for a decade, he pointed out that the hit Netflix series seemed to show that the former Princess of Wales made it seem like she was siding with her eldest in her marital dispute with her father, as if the new Duke of Cornwall would not support his mother.

He went on to say that he adores her sons, but she had to selflessly surrender them to the royal family, telling him they belonged to the company so they could learn their future roles as part of the monarchy. She knew they needed to be with her grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, her cousins ​​and everyone else.

Princess Diana was already content to have Prince William and Prince Harry for two weeks a year to take them on holiday in the summer. That’s how selfless she was, Burrell said.

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Burrell added that she has a great relationship with her boys. As such, she felt the portrayal of the character of Princess Diana in Season 5 of The Crown was cruel.

As Cosmopolitan wrote, Elizabeth Debick’s interpretation of the iconic princess was messy, having shown her imperfect and wounded, though she was also smart and emotionally intelligent, bordering on manipulative.

The series showed that Princess Diana was neither the villain nor the victim of the story. But she was at least close to the truth, which made her a beloved character for many.

Princess Diana has always been a cult figure, even 25 years after her passing. From her legendary taste in fashion to the projects she willingly supported, she has changed the way people look at these things. Her revelations about life with the royal family and her mental health issues also reflect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s feelings.

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