Prince Harry urges Netflix resignation amid The Crown season 5 uproar with imaginary resignation letter

Prince Harry urges Netflix resignation amid The Crown season 5 uproar with imaginary resignation letter

Video games Prince Harry urges Netflix to step down amid The Crown season 5 uproar with imaginary resignation letter

The Crown Season 5 caused a huge uproar among royal fans, the royal family and even royal pundits for allegedly misrepresenting the monarchy. One royal commentator urged Prince Harry to resign from Netflix and even wrote an imaginary resignation letter for him.

Amid The Crown season 5 controversy, Prince Harry is being urged to step down from his contract with Netflix. Will Meghan Markle’s husband heed the claims amid an alleged £85m deal?

Journalist Dan Wootton called the latest season of the controversial series a sweeping attack on the credibility, reputation and soul of the monarchy. He also suggested that they met the late Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and even King Charles III. criticized.

So in his column on MailOnline via Express, he wrote an imaginary resignation letter that he suggested the Duke of Sussex send to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.

Wootton claimed in his letter that The Crown squadron manipulated the People’s Princess‘ dark last days. He then accused the streaming giant of portraying the former Princess of Wales as trying to overthrow the monarchy.

He also criticized the portrayal of King Charles, calling it callous. He also saw the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth completely wrong.

Therefore, in his imaginary letter, Wootton called for Prince Harry’s contract with Netflix to be terminated immediately, arguing that the show is causing harm to the kingdom.

First off, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a lucrative deal with the platform after stepping down as senior royals in 2020 to start a new life in the US, where they now live in California.

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According to multiple reports, they are now filming a reality show as part of this arrangement. Due to the controversy surrounding the fifth season of The Crown, however, there have been repeated calls for the father of two to terminate the contract.

Meanwhile, King Charles has reportedly asked parliaments to add his siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward to the list of Councils of State. This decision is seen as his latest move to snub Prince Harry and Prince Edward.

The two princes are currently among the five Councilors of State, although both no longer perform official royal duties. His Majesty wrote that the change would ensure the efficiency of public business when he is unavailable.

The advisers have the right to perform constitutional duties when the monarch is ill or working abroad. However, in order for Princess Anne and Prince Edward to be appointed Councilors of State, an amendment to the Regents Act must be enacted.

Under this law, the Council of State can only be composed of the monarch’s spouse, Camilla, the queen consort, and the four next heirs to the throne over the age of 21. So this is Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice.

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