Prince Harry, Prince Andrew’s Counselor of State positions questioned now that King Charles III reigns

Prince Harry, Prince Andrew’s Counselor of State positions questioned now that King Charles III reigns

Video games Prince Harry, Prince Andrew’s Counselor of State Positions questioned now that King Charles III reigns

A debate is ongoing over Prince Harry and Prince Andrew’s positions as Councilors of State. As the two have stepped down as senior royals and from their royal duties, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and now that King Charles III. reigns, still be part of it?

Much needs to change now that the UK has a new King, including the appointment of Councilors of State who the monarch can delegate on his behalf. The House of Lords is debating whether Prince Harry and Prince Andrew should continue in office despite being off duty.

Hansard, Viscount Stansgate, asked whether His Majesty’s Government ever planned to amend the Regents Act 1937, which governs the Regents regime and the appointment of Councilors of State. The law was amended to effectively assist the sovereign and ensure the resilience of constitutional arrangements.

However, the viscount cannot help but question whether it is the right time to inform the monarch of the possible change, particularly Clause 6, which defines regents by their succession to the throne. He also wonders if the government is okay with the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of York continuing to hold the Council of State and Regency, even though one has retired and the other has left the country.

When Queen Elizabeth was still the ruler, Councilors of State included then-Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. Now that there is a new monarch, there are suggestions to change her to Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex.

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Royal commentator Angele Levin agrees, tweeting that there can be no state councilors who don’t work for the royals or live far away. Counselors need to be around and aware of what’s going on to fill in for a royal, she said.

Meanwhile, royal author Tina Brown, in her post on Bloomberg podcast In the City, claimed that King Charles had been warned that his son, Prince Harry, was a much greater threat to his rule than his brother, Prince Andrew.

The role of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s father at Prince Philip’s funeral last year was heartbreaking, Brown said. In the interview, which was taped after Queen Elizabeth’s passing, talks about Prince Andrew’s future had been put aside as the public likely understood that Her Majesty wanted her son by her side every now and then.

Still, Brown felt Meghan Markle’s husband was more of a problem as no one knew what he was planning to do next. He keeps them all on their toes, wondering where the bombs are coming from, she said.

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