One Piece Chapter 1067 release date, spoilers: CP0’s arrival on Egghead Island

One Piece Chapter 1067 release date, spoilers: CP0’s arrival on Egghead Island

Video games One Piece Chapter 1067 release date, spoilers: CP0’s arrival on Egghead Island

Early One Piece Chapter 1067 spoilers have surfaced and keep revealing some key twists. CP0 will arrive on Egghead Island which could lead to a big conflict.

One Piece Chapter 1067 will pick up where the previous chapter left off. From Vegapunk’s devil fruit to the ancient robot, more details will be revealed.

Titled Punk Records and featuring a cover image showing the fight between Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge, it only confirms that the former allied with Germa 66. It is then revealed that Vegapunk is a genius and consumes brain-brain fruit which gives him unlimited store of knowledge; hence he has a huge head.

The title of the new chapter then refers to the upper part of the egghead in the egg, which consists of Vegapunk’s brain. That could mean that he can use the Devil Fruit to extract knowledge from his brain and store it in the real world.

One Piece Chapter 1067 spoilers also reveal that the ancient robot that Luffy discovered was built in the empty century and attacked the world government two centuries ago. Also, it is hinted that CP0 arrives on Egghead Island to bring the Kuma Seraphim back to Vegapunk.

However, they are prevented from entering the island, which could mean that one of Vegapunk’s allies within the World Government warned him of their arrival. Later, the real Bartholomew Kuma begins to flee, hinting at his arrival on the island.

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1066 showed the real Vegapunk and told more about the Buster

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Reputation in Ohara, Dragon’s determination to create the Revolutionary Army, and the Theory of the Old Kingdom of the Empty Century.

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Shaka told Sanji’s group about the archeological theory that Egghead Island is an island of the past, meaning that there once was a futuristic city there during the Void Century. The manufacturing date of the robot they discovered seemed to confirm this claim.

Shaka revealed that 20 nations worldwide worked together to overthrow the Old Kingdom and later formed the world government. The people of Ohara were then destroyed after discovering the secret history of the empire.

Vegapunk then visited Ohara after the Buster Call and met Dragon. He saw the giants give Elbaf the books from Ohara and forced him to travel to the New World island to study the texts and expand his knowledge.

Elsewhere, Luffy met the real Vegapunk. They later flew away together with the help of the Dom Shoes. One Piece Chapter 1067 will be released on Sunday November 20th.

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