8 Movies Like Spirited You Must See

8 Movies Like Spirited You Must See

Movies / TV Series 8 Movies Like Spirited You Must See

Spirited is a joyful Christmas film full of Christmas cheer and rousing songs. The film updates Charles Dickens‘ classic tale A Christmas Carol. A person is chosen to be haunted by the spirits of past, present and future Christmases to help them see their weaknesses and the good in them. Directed by Sean Anders, the musical comedy raises powerful questions and leaves viewers with thought-provoking thoughts.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Octavia Spencer and Patrick Page, the film exudes the perfect spirit of Christmas. He comments on the commercialization of feelings that forms the basis of marketing in the modern world. Above all, however, it makes the viewer wonder whether human beings are capable of real change. If you want to see more movies about ghosts, Christmas and even the ghosts of Christmas then you should watch the following movies now! You can watch most of these movies that are similar to Spirited on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

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A historical knight named Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) is teleported to the present and falls in love with Brooke, a high school science teacher (Vanessa Hudgens), even though Brooke no longer believes in love. The couple’s love story is highly unlikely and also takes a strange turn. Josh’s strange entry into Brooke’s life and the ghosts in Clint’s life turn her life upside down. Both protagonists go through an inner turmoil and have to go through unusual experiences while they explore the reason for the new entries in their lives.

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7. The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

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Directed by David Jackson, the drama-romance film tells a story in which twelve days before Christmas a ghost (Thomas Beaudoin) takes on a human body and falls in love with a young lawyer (Jen Lilley). Cold-hearted, the attorney says yes to a year-end assignment to appraise and sell a haunted inn. There she meets Daniel, the spirit of the place that eventually appears to her, and so an unusual love story unfolds. Just like Spirited, the film has ghosts centered around Christmas that cause the protagonists to question their beliefs and reform.

6. Ghost of Girlfriends Past (2009)

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The romantic comedy follows womanizer Connor as he tries to convince his younger brother not to marry. However, the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends haunt him and teach him an important lesson. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas and Emma Stone, it has been the perfect comfort film for people. It features comedy, drama, romance and all the other elements that make it heartwarming. The themes of redemption and spirits teaching a human a lesson are present in both Spirited and Ghost of Girlfriends Past. Directed by Mark Waters, the arc of ghosts in the latter film is also inspired by Charles Dickens‘ A Christmas Carol.

5. Ghosting: The Ghost of Christmas (2019)

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When a woman, Jess, dies unexpectedly on her way home from a first date, she leaves behind something unfinished. With the help of her best friend Kara, she tries to reach the afterlife. Starring talented actors like Aisha Dee, Kimiko Glenn, Kendrick Sampson, Jazz Raycole and Missi Pyle, the romantic drama explores modern day themes of dating, ghosting, the complications of finding love and finally the troubles of life after death. The film is a commentary on how people assume the worst of others when the actual situation is very different. Even if we were trained to do so, because friendliness is rare these days. Just as Clint and Present help each other overcome their problems, Jess finds her way to the afterlife with the help of her friend Kara. The backdrop to both films is the Christmas season, the perfect time to bring ghosts to life, as almost every entry on this list proves.

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4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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When it comes to Tim Burton stories, you can be sure that the film is epic, chilling, and has the perfect plot to go along with it. Directed by Henry Selick, this musical comedy tells the story of a Halloween Town creature named Jack Skellington, who discovers Christmas Town and is instantly entranced. His infatuation with Christmas drives him to kidnap Santa, adding to the tension in the situation. Both Spirited and The Nightmare Before Christmas are about redemption in the Christmas spirit and a plethora of musical numbers.

3. The Christmas Spirit (2013)

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After a car accident, Charlotte (Nicollette Sheridan) and a predatory contractor are both unconscious. Before the choice is made, her ghost tries to influence the man’s mind and stop the city expansion. The romantic drama starring Nicollette Sheridan, Bart Johnson and Olympia Dukakis was directed by Jack Angelo. The Christmas Spirit, like Spirited, offers a twisted person a chance to redeem themselves and be good. This goodness in them can bring out a surge of kindness and humanity in others around them as well.

2. Ghosts of Christmas Past (2021)

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Similar to the Dickensian tale A Christmas Carol, Ghosts of Christmas Past tells the story of how a fortune teller warns Ellie, a recurring ghost hunter on dating apps, that unless she makes up with everyone, she will never find true love who ghosted her before Christmas. In an attempt to keep the story more contemporary, the filmmakers added the metaphorical spirit element, as opposed to real spirits in Spirited. However, the two films have the same deadline, which states that both protagonists have until Christmas Eve to correct their behavior and set things right.

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1. A Christmas Carol (2009)

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The story behind most of the films on this list deserves first place. Three ghosts appear to Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve. The spirits convince him of the mistakes he has made and urge him to mend his ways. The animated fantasy fairy tale was directed by Robert Zemeckis and has the voices of extremely talented actors Jim Carrey and Gary Oldman. Zemeckis wanted to recreate the film as Dickens envisioned it. Therefore, this film is the most realistic adaptation of its story. In Spirited we learn that Present was actually Scrooge when he was alive, which ties the two films together and shares a similar foundation.

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